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Here you can apply to become either an Online Activist or a Street Activst for Regimental Blues. Please provide us with as much information as possible. All details you provide will be 100% confidential!

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Here you will find all information on our active campaigns. All campaign updates and areas in which you can help personally can be found here.

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Regimental Blues are a pressure group campaigning for the Loyalist Community in Scotland. We have a close-knit team working within our sound internal infrastructure ensuring our campaigns are working at full capacity.

Regimental Blues use various techniques when campaigning such as the internet, campaign material and the boots of our Regiment on our streets. When running any of our campaigns our main objective will always be to deliver the voice of our community to the ears that matter.

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  • United Against Separation

    United Against Separation (UAS) is a grass-roots campaign supporting Scotland’s place within the United Kingdom.

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  • P.U.L Community Radio

    The P.U.L Communtiy Radio will start broadcasting from the 22nd January live, visit the Radio home page on the day for our schedule and ways to tune in!

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  • Vanguard Bears

    Vanguard Bears are a group of Loyalist & Unionist Rangers supporters, whose aims
    are to ensure that the good standing and unionist tradition of THE quintessential
    British Club is maintained.

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The P.U.L Community Hub

  • The P.U.L Community Hub
    The P.U.L Community Hub

    The P.U.L Community Hub is the home of Regimental Blues and the only open door community Hub to Loyalists in Scotland.

    Offering a Computer Suite, TV Area, Kitchen Area, Library, Shop and providing advice in a wide range of areas the P.U.L Community Hub is without a doubt a huge asset to our community in Scotland.

    P.U.L Community Hub - Moving Loyalism Forward

Recent Articles

25 Mar2016
Posted by Admin on 25th March 2016

Regimental Blues to take over duties at Twaddell!

On Friday 1st April Regimental Blues will take over the manning duties at camp Twaddell for 7 days, during this time the camp will remain open 24/7. The camp was established in 2013 after...

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14 Feb2016
Posted by Admin on 14th February 2016

Official Statement 14/02/2016

On Thursday 11th February Regimental Blues contacted North Lanarkshire Council regarding a proposal to fly the Irish Tri Colour above several council building to commemorate the 1916 Easter Rising.

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27 Jan2015
Posted by Admin on 27th Jan 2015

Measurement of their own decorum

Last week was a great triumph for Regimental Blues not because we secured the respect for our Cenotaph by making sure the Republicans did not walk by it again but for yet another time we have shown to our own Community that our methods do work, regardless of what anyone...

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22 Jan2015
Posted by Admin on 22nd January 2015

Glasgow Bloody Sunday march rerouted...

Curbs have been placed on an Irish Republican parade, commemorating the Bloody Sunday killings of 14 civilians by the British Army in Northern Ireland in 1972, following concerns of counter-demonstrations and disorder. Glasgow City Council have imposed a change of route...

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